Da Shibbering Cheetos thank all of the #Lub2Rock sponsors who donated time, energy, products and services to help make this event a hit!  We couldn't do it without you!

Celebrity Pets "Lifestyles of Celebrity Pets" is a web series about celebrities and their pets and pets that are celebrities. The web show covers a variety of topics like how to adopt a pet, how to care for a handicapped pet, nutrition, training tips, how to travel with pets, pet therapy and the benefits to people with illnesses and much more. Lifestyles of Celebrity Pets talks with celebrities about their pets and the animal related organizations they align themselves with. They meet up with pets that are celebrities and have their own agents for movies and television. The animal welfare based program is produced and created by Lisa Bennett, Studio C Pictures. The Pet Expert Consultant to the show is Darlene Arden, an award winning writer, journalist, "The Irrepressible Toy Dog,” (Howell Book House”) and “The Angell Memorial Animal Hospital Book of Wellness and Preventive Care for Dogs (Contemporary Books), "Rover, Get Off Her Leg" and a Certified Animal Behavior Consultant. You can watch the web series onYouTube on their homepage. Visit the Lifestyles of Celebrity Pets website and have fun watching pet videos in this pet friendly community! Visit us on Twitter at @CelebrityPets.

Social Vision Marketing, created by Erin Monigold, is a new media marketing and social networking agency specializing in building social identities for businesses. Social Vision Marketing provide our clients with complete social media marketing and management through the likes of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as well as online reputation management and online brand building. Sparking conversations, building relationships. Social Vision Marketing wants to bridge the gap between yesterday's traditional marketing principles with today's technology. The days of huge marketing budgets and expensive TV commercials are gone. Human interaction and relationships are priceless! Visit us on Twitter at @SocialVisionMkt.

Sugar Chic Couture was established in 2008 by Niki Rochelle after adopting her furry, maltese daughter Sugar. A lover of ALL THINGS FABULOUS, her mission is to provide the best in upscale, couture fashions and accessories for canine fur-babies. Sugar Chic Couture also has an extensive collection of officially-licensed NBA, NFL, MLB and NCAA apparel and accessories as well as a GQ CHIC boys section too! Niki Rochelle believes that staying ahead of the latest fashion trends is key to staying fresh and current, and setting some trends or your own is a must. Therefore, ordinary is NOT a part of the Sugar Chic vocabulary, but necessities, as well as luxurious desires, are fused together as the heart and soul of Sugar Chic Couture. Visit us on Twitter at @SugarChic.

EHL Creative LLC is a creative marketing services company that likes to color outside the lines. We have over 20 years of experience creating promotions and campaigns for some of America’s most iconic brands…brands like M&M’S®, Johnson & Johnson®, Campbell’s Soup®, Kraft® and many more. We’ve done everything from promotion planning to product launches; from packaging to branding programs; from online consumer engagement initiatives to classic sweepstakes.

We’re passionate about pets…and it shows. That’s why we have a special focus on helping pet businesses succeed. Our affinity for animals is personal as well as professional. In our spare time, you can find us on an agility course, volunteering for animal rescues or tossing a few cookies to our own fur kids. Please visit ehlcreative.com for more info, and visit us on Twitter at @EHLCreative.

BarkWorld Expo  Spanning a the weekend of August 20-22, and full of fun activities, the 2010 BarkWorld Expo (on Twitter at #BarkWorld) is a social media event for pet owners and businesses that utilize social media applications. It’s also for those that want to learn more about what pets are doing online and learn how they, too, can be a part of this growing online community. BarkWorld Expo is the ONLY forum for pet parents, pet businesses and those interested in the pet communiyt and come together to network, educate, collaborate and have fun all under one “woof”! Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of this growing family.  Come see Da Shibbering Cheetos at BarkWorld Expo, and make sure to register early!  visit us on Twitter at @BarkWorldExpo.

MuttPuppet Dog Toys  It all started back in 2003 when a husband and wife saved their dog’s life as she was choking on the stuffing from a plush dog toy. After that eye opening experience Michael & Theresa Fraser have been on a mission to create stuffing-free dog toys they call MuttPuppets!

Holding dog toy manufacturers and their default ideas to higher standards, Michael & Theresa eliminated the dangerous stuffing with their 3 layer design, and combination concepts. To own or resell MuttPuppets, puts you in a select class of dog toy connoisseurs that share extreme passion for your four-legged friend's entertainment! Please visit MuttPuppet.com for more info, and visit us on Twitter at @MuttPuppet.

Dynamic Accents Ltd manufactures top quality, handcrafted, wood pet products in Wooster, Ohio. We have established ourselves as the leading manufacturer of wooden pet gates and furniture in the USA and continue to expand our product offering with unique design functionality, integrity and quality that have been synonymous with the Dynamic Accents name. Mortise and tenon construction is used throughout the generous assortment of both our expanding width pet gates and our modular panel pet gates which are thoughtfully designed. The multifunctional End Table Pet Crate brings a beautiful piece of furniture into the family living area and an attractive dovetail cornered toy box keeps toys and accessories in their place.

All the Dynamic Accents products are stained with a durable water base finish that contains no harmful formaldehydes or leads and is eco-friendly. Please visit DynamicAccents.com for more info, and visit us on Facebook.

Pets Photography Studio, Richie Schwartz. With 30 years of photography experience, this former vet tech and dog trainer is known as the "dog whisperer" of pet photography.  Having worked in the animal care business before becoming a photographer gives him an edge in working with animals that other pet photographs are hard pressed to match. Schwartz has a special bond with animals and it has been said that he seems to hypnotize animals in to posing for him.  One of the country's most successful pet photographers specialists, he founded and owns Pets Photography Studio , the largest pet only photography in the USA.

Richie and his personally trained staff work in over 75 locations across NY, NJ, and CT.  Please visit Pets Photography for more info, and visit on Twitter.