DJs & Band

No pawty would be complete without music from the #Lub2Rock DJ's and a special guest appearance from Da Shibbering Cheetos!  Thanks to our lead singer @MattieDog for helping to arrange all the DJ's, that little ShihTzu knows how to rock da house.  Make sure you "follow" the DJs and band so you can hear all the rockin sounds!

HOURS ROCKIN IT OUT                          DJ's

6pm EDT/3pm PDT@BunnyJeanCook
7pm EDT/4pm PDT@Yoda_the_Dog
8pm EDT/5pm PDT@ParkerSKat

9pm EDT/6pm PDT


Lights will go down to announce Da Shibbering Cheetos, the world's first and best Twitter band, to the stage. So make sure you get your noms and drinks and find your seat in time for the concert!

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